Story behind the design

Our first design, TAKE Me To the Mountains, has been a long work in progress.

Our mission was to find out what locals identify with in the Canadian Rockies.

After taking iconic mountains such as Ha Ling and Rundle off the table, we decided on Mount Smuts in Kananaskis Country, where you can escape the masses of tourists and find your mountain calm.

Mt. Smuts is situated close to Engadine Lodge, and is one of of my favourite mountains in Kananaskis. The design is inspired by a hike I completed last fall with two of my best friends. We summited Mt. Birdwood where you get a beautiful view of Mt. Smuts. Here is the photo

Everyone who knows me knows I have a little obsession with floral patterns. I just love it so much! I really wanted to add a little touch of a floral pattern but I wanted to keep it unisex. 

Floral and Mountains, I don't think you can get any better than that! 


Russell Kennedy




Cross-Country skier athlete, Designer, Videographer and Photographer for Your Black and White Weddings. 


is the guy behind our first TAKE design