We are super stoked to announce our second edition of our TAKE Trucker Hats Collection. We wanted to work on something special which represent summer vibes, freedom, the beauty of our country and the adventure spirit. We found the perfect fit with John Coleman, an artist from Sooke in British Columbia on Vancouver Island who lived in Canmore for 10 years. John is not just a talented artist but also a father, surfer and skier who competed in a number of International Big Mountain Freeskiing Association competitions. In addition to drawing lots he is a wellness and performance consultant working with all sorts of people, striving for all sorts of goals. He has helped many people enhance the quality of their lives and level of performance. John’s work has contributed to Canadian athletes in the Vancouver 2010 and the Sochi 2014 Paralympic Games. 

- I saw and see the mountains in a whole new light, the lines of the Rockies, their personality jumps out at me more now

Here are some questions we asked to John about drawing...

Firstly, I draw because I love to. Its so simple. My inspiration to draw something, my experience while drawing, and my motivation to share my drawings is simply because I love it. And that love breeds freedom. What a cool feeling to look at a blank sheet of paper and be free to draw whatever I want, limited only by my abilities (which are very limited, as well as limitless...untapped potential and all). I started drawing before I can remember. My Mom would put paper up on the walls of our house growing up so my siblings and I could draw on the walls (which we were doing anyways) without wrecking them. I stopped drawing for quite a few years during University but I'm back drawing daily and couldn't be happier about it. I started back up by committing to drawing 5 minutes a day, and that quickly grew to bigger projects and more time, what a trip, I love it! 

A part of the profit of the sale of each "TAKE ME on an adventure" Trucker hats will go back to the artist. We believe it is important to support local Canadian Artist. 

John Coleman Instagram @colemanjohn